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Henry The Third, King of France (1551-1589) by Lucien-Christophe Henry The Third, King of France (1551-1589) by Lucien-Christophe
Political Curriculum Vitae :
Henry III (born Alexandre-Édouard de France) was a monarch of the House of Valois who was elected the monarch of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth from 1573 to 1575 and ruled as King of France from 1574 until his death. He was the last French monarch of the Valois dynasty.
As the fourth son of King Henry II of France and Catherine de' Medici, Henry was not expected to assume the throne of France. He was thus a good candidate for the vacant Polish-Lithuanian throne, and he was elected with the dual titles King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania.
Henry's rule over Poland and Lithuania was brief. Of his three older brothers, two would live long enough to become king, but both died young and without a legitimate male heir. He abandoned Poland upon receiving word that he had inherited the throne of France at age 22.
The kingdom of France was at the time plagued by the Wars of Religion.
In 1589, Jacques Clément, a Catholic fanatic, murdered Henry III, who was succeeded by the King of Navarre, Henry the Fourth.

Sexual Curriculum Vitae :
Henry the Third was a pious king, torn between his responsibilities as king and his deepest desires.
Although he married for love Louise of Lorraine-Vaudémont, Henry grew up as the favorite son of his mother, Marie de Medici.
He surrounded himself with favorites, men of great beauty and extreme sense of honor, of which he deferred his frustrations congratulating himself on having an escort as seductive as the ladies of the court.
It is not known if the king knew the pleasures of the flesh with men but you can see him as a repressed homosexual.
KoiPL Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2013
I cannot aggree that Henryk ( polish equivalent of Henri/Henry ) was homosexual. I read in biography by Stanislaw Grzybowski that Henryk was rather crossdresser and very eccentric but not a homosexual ( though he was accused of being one ( back in the old term - Italian customs as much as i can translate from Polish language from the biography ). At most he could have been bisexual but his love for his wife - Louise de Lorraine-Vaudémont was a proof that he was not a homosexual. It was rather his lifestyle at the time that provoked the accusations. I forgot to mention his earlier love for
Maria de Clèves/de Conde.

It's sad he had abandoned Poland which had given him his 1st Crown. Perhaps he could have been a great king had he not escaped.
Lucien-Christophe Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2013  Professional Digital Artist

I've also read plenty of books about Henri the Third, and I know all about his deep true love for his wife and Marie de Conde, dead before his wedding with Louise de Lorraine-Vaudémont. It's more a fantasy about the king's sex life that interested me !

Being gay is not a disease, dear !

I've drawn this portrait for a homoerotic contest so I've chosen a marvelous historical character like him because I love the complexity of his reign.

I am French and a convinced republican, so I don't think that Royalty is a perfect system to rule a country and a people !!!

KoiPL Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2013
I know its not a disease. I have a friend who is gay and i have nothing against him. It was not my intention to offend any gays or anything ofcourse just stated what i know, maybe misread the intention of your description of King.

I am Polish / Je sui le pologne. Ofcourse the PL states that in my nickname. I would support Monarchy in Poland if it was absolute monarchy and would not allow any groups that would have priviledges ( such as nobility and clergy or bourgoisie ( i appologize if i misspeled ). Though any strong and brave ( and as a must - benevolent ) individual would do. We Poles are fed up with our democracy/republic. almost 25 years after fall of communism didn't do us any good. Though communism wasn't perfect either.
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